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Thursday, January 9th 2014

2:56 AM

A Look Into Satellite Technology

I've always found satellite technology extremely interesting. The fact that our dishes are bouncing waves off of floating objects in space has always had me interested and asking questions. But satellite technology has advanced and we're now looking at everything from satellite phones to satellite internet, but what options are actually viable for the standard person?

Well, and a satellite installation Engineer at A1 Digital, I've found that the most common form of satellite communication is the standard satellite television. Compared to modern day inventions, satellite is now actually quite inferior, in internet and in communications. The only reason to use satellite other than for TV would be because you have no other options available. Satellite is still and expensive technology to use, especially when data is being sent both ways. With A Satellite used for television, all of the satellite transmissions are going one way, to your house, so the costs are much cheaper.

I personally don't think that satellite TV is going to go away any time soon, I think it is actually the best way to broadcast to televisions.

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Wednesday, November 27th 2013

3:55 AM

Cool Things You Can Do With Your Attic

There are so many cool ideas you could have with an attic conversion, I've always love the thought of creating my own crazy attic room. If I could afford it that is. It would be great to just get some pinball machines and create something spectacular. Here are some awesome attic designs that I am totally jealous of.

Pool In The Attic

Attic Media Centre

PC Gaming Centre

Double Pool Vintage

I can't bare to look at them any longer, i'm just way too jealous about this.

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Wednesday, November 20th 2013

8:54 AM

Technology In Clothing

We've come a long way in the past 20 years, from mobile phones, to smart phones, to smart watches! But what's the next stage? We're already looking at tech items that we wear, the next step is logical is it not? I actually saw a video not long ago that blew my mind, and whether it's possible is another story.

Cute-circuit are the company experimenting with this technology, as you can see the idea that they have is actually pretty clever. But will it take off? I mean I can see them using well known brands such as big willies Clothing or something like that which will really stand out and make it's mark. I would definitely go and purchase something like this if I could get it on some super classy clothing.
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Tuesday, October 15th 2013

4:50 AM

Using Drain Tracing To Map Your Drains

One thing that always seems to be a problem for plumbers is that locating and tracing where a drain runs underground can be extremely difficult. With no real visual ability to see anything like buried drains and blueprints and plans usually out  of date or generally incomplete, what can a person do to find out how their drain system falls? 

There are all kinds of different ways, in the past one would use a dye or something similar to try and find out where the pipes and drainage go. These days, a company like GlandVille will come to your property and use a combination of CCTV and sensors to detect where the drainage for the property will go.
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Sunday, October 6th 2013

6:18 AM

Bespoke Work

Have you ever though about having bespoke work done on your property such as having a bespoke gate or garage door fitted? Having bespoke items on your property really makes you stand out in this current ikea world. It's not uncommon these days for people to have the same wardrobe, garden chairs or furniture due to these large furniture chains and DIY stores, so why not make your place stand out?

Bespoke Gates and Garage doors is a company that really know how to make spectactular exterior additions. They have a wide range of garden gates, driveway gates and different types of garage doors. They even make things to specification to match up with existing work on the property. They can even design something specifically for you if you want something that extra bit special.

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Sunday, August 18th 2013

1:46 AM

British Events

There are certain events in Britain that really showcase some of our greatest moments. I've seen some really exciting things at last and this years festivals including some pretty unusual accommodation. I've always enjoyed going to music festivals, I've always found music festivals to be great fun and a real good place to forget about your worries and enjoy yourself.

Festivals have been around since the early 60's and they started usually as Jazz festivals. Glastonbury for instance used to be the 1970 Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival and reading used to be the National Jazz and Blues Festival from the 1960s.

With the success of Woodstock over in the united states, festivals started to become popular, dance music was introduced in the late 80s and early 90s due to the popularity of the rave scene at the time.

These days festivals arent just about music, festivals are about all kinds of interesting bits and peices. There is lots to see and do at the festivals these days, lots of interesting foods and things to buy, as well as places to stay. Sometimes its quite hard to actually do everything you want to!

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Wednesday, July 24th 2013

8:00 AM

Spotting A Cowboy Builder

If your looking to have some work done on your house, what the best way to go about getting it done? Do you hire a big company to get the work done? Or do you get a smalltime business?

I've always been someone to support the smalltime businesses, but the real question is, is it riskier?

Alot of people are on the lookout for cowboys these day, with shows like cowboy builders and Fake Britain there are obviously a lot of people worried about choosing the wrong person for the job.

Some people might think they'll be able to spot a cowboy builder, but they are sneakier than you think.

Here are a few pointers to spot a cowboy builder:-

Doesn't charge VAT – This is not a dead givaway, if they are a small or new trader they might not need to register or pay VAT. If they have not done much work in a year, they will most likely not need to charge VAT.

Only takes cash - If a builder is asking for a payment of cash, they are most likely trying to avoid paying out for VAT.

Says that they are in a trade association but will not provide proof – Check with the trade association to see if the builder does actually belong to them. If they don't they are lying and should be avoided.

Won't offer details about their business – This is very suspicious behaviour, avoid at all costs if they will not offer a landline or address.

Asks for money up front – A builder that asks for money up front is untrustworthy. A proper builder will not do this, even if they need materials. If they run a business, they should have enough money to cover these costs themselves. Payment should only be given out once the job is completed and the customer is happy.

So there are a few tips on how look out for some of those dodgy builders. If you want to find yourself a trustworthy builder, why not look online and research some of the companies. there are plenty of builders that can be of service with a great reputation. It's just a case of looking at testimonials and other bits of past customer opinion. Reviews and all sorts can help you choose what you want. Happy builder hunting.

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Tuesday, July 2nd 2013

2:13 AM

Great Security Apps On Your Iphone

The modern world is rough and looking after your belongings should be your number one priority! So what are some interesting ways to look after your property and belongings when you aren't at home? 

The alarm system has always been a long-time favourite, it's known for attracting attention and deterring burglars and thieves as well. Alarm systems have advanced since they were first implemented. First it started with opening door detectors, it then moved on to heat and motion sensors and now the alarm system can notify the police that there may have been a break in. The alarm systems of today are all incredibly smart interconnected tools. You can be looking at your security camera from home or from another location over the internet. It's all very special stuff, and nitigates the whole use of big butch men on or around your premises. You are you own security guard.

Now we are in the era of home automation, and security systems can now be controlled over the internet and through your computer, but what are the best apps to use if you are thinking of implementing home automation?

Depending on what kind of security system you have installed in your premises you will most likely need a different application. Quite a lot of the apps on the app store are brand specific applications. For instance, an alarm.com app works with alarm.com enabled devices and DSC alarm monitor app works with DSC alarm systems.

Some great apps are things like the Bluetooth Door Opener which allows the iphone to open doors, gates and access control devices. Having the ability to open a gate or door via your phone is a great idea, essentially making your phone a key.

There are lots of great ways to keep your home and personal belongings secure, just check out the app store for good ideas.

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Friday, June 28th 2013

3:43 PM

Making The Right Website Choice

The website industry is a big area, making the right developer and designer choice is actually very important. The design and development of your site is what could make or break your company. There is no point messing about with small independent companies when it comes to websites, you want to find a large reliable company that is up to the task.

I always scout around and make sure that companies have pulled their weight. The best way to scout for companies is to literally go to the webpage of said company and pull up their portfolio, you sould be able to find the past work that these companies have done, what websites they have worked on and then bring up their details. Give these companies a call and see how their experience was working with that company. If it's good make a note and continue, you can build up a profile for each company and see who it would be worthwhile going with. I found that there are some bad companies out there so watch out. It's important you find someone suitable for you.

When you're looking to spend thousands of pounds on a website, you don't want to choose the wrong company and end up with a website you regret.

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Tuesday, April 16th 2013

9:20 AM

Gift Buying Nightmare

Gift buying getting you down? Not sure what to get of where to look? There are lots of different places that you can buy great gifts, its just a matter of looking! Using google search to find what you are looking for is something everyone on the internet should have learnt by now. The problem is though, google seems to find the most popular results every time and its hard to actually find something new and unseen. There are new places popping up all the time that would happily cater to your every need, but oversaturation means that google can't pull up the results that you want. It is said that people mostly only click the first 3 results anyway, if you can believe that!

So where do you look if you want to find gifts that isn't amazon or play.com? Well, the answer to that is, use your head! HomeBird have a great selection of gifts and things that everyone can enjoy. If you head on down to their website you are bound to find something for your loved one or friend.

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